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 Privacy Policy

The Institute of Ellik Qala Technologists respects the insurance of visitors to its site. Ellik Qala has developed the going with security way to deal with prompt visitors about how information is dealt with once it has been submitted on the web. This course of action is obligated to change at the watchfulness of Ellik Qala and applies just to Ellik Qala destinations and the disseminating of electronic correspondence. The going with information relates to 


If its all the same to you realizing that Ellik Qala destinations use "treats" to improve your customer experience and give congruity transversely finished different locales worked by or for the advantage of Ellik Qala. A couple of treats are "session" treats which are not secured on your PC and don't drive forward after you close your program. 

A couple of treats are "driving forward" treats which are secured on your PC and may remain even after you near your program. For security and insurance reasons, these treats are discernable just by destinations worked by or for Ellik Qala and don't contain singular information past your name and Ellik Qala part number. 


Be urged that while using Ellik Qala locales, the site will scrutinize visitors' projects for specific information, for instance, 

Space from which you are getting to our site 

the kind of PC working system you use 

the kind of program you use 

the kind of contraption you use 

This data is assembled for the sole inspiration driving upgrading our online offerings. No individual data is saved. Ellik Qala just uses the aggregate quantifiable data to assemble usage reports. The data sorts Ellik Qala gives insights with respect to including: 

Unique customer sessions 

Most/smallest surely understood pages 

Most/smallest downloaded records 

Estimations on bumbles experienced 

Typical traverse of site visit 

Land territory 

Perceiving DATA 

Individual, perceiving information isn't assembled from visitors to our site unless this information has been obstinately given. Every single sensitive datum sent to Ellik Qala is kept ordered. Individual, perceiving information is gotten to empower Ellik Qala to keep our records correct. Information accumulated (on a volunteer commence) fuses: 

Changes in mystery word and username 

Changes in contact information 

Enrollment and gathering institution 

Information SHARING 

Information about our people, customers, and visitors to our site is essential to Ellik Qala operations. We are not in the matter of pitching this information to others. This kind of information is shared similarly as delineated underneath, and with reinforcements which Ellik Qala controls that are either subject to this security course of action or take after practices at any rate as guarded as those depicted in this insurance technique. 

Protection of Ellik Qala and Others: We release account and other individual information when we believe its release is reasonable to take after the law; approve or apply our Ellik Qala Community Terms of Service and distinctive suspicions; or guarantee the rights, property, or prosperity of Ellik Qala, our customers, or others. This consolidates exchanging information with various associations and relationship for distortion protection and credit chance diminishing. Plainly, in any case, this excludes offering, renting, sharing, or by and large revealing really identifiable information from people, customers, or visitors for business purposes encroaching upon the duties set forward in this security game plan. 

Ellik Qala Annual Meeting and Ellik Qala Expo: We once in a while share basic member data on a one-time-just use commence with exhibitors of the Ellik Qala Expo, for the explanations behind show related progression. Simply mailing information is shared, and only data from that particular year's event is made open to exhibitors on that event. For the security of members, email delivers are not granted to exhibitors. 

With Your Consent: Other than as set out above, you will get see when information about you might be granted to outcasts, and you will have an opportunity to pick not to share that information. 

USE BY CHILDREN were not expected for use by kids and are people just social events. If you are more youthful than 18, you may use just with the supervision of a parent or guard. 


If you visit, your visit and any difference about security are at risk to this assurance plan and the Ellik Qala Community Terms of Service, including requirements on hurts, the intercession of level headed discussion, and usage of the law of the State of Illinois. If you have any stress over insurance at, please connect with us with a thorough portrayal of your stress, and we will endeavor to decide it. 

Our business changes persistently, and our security course of action and the Ellik Qala Community Terms of Service will similarly change. We may email incidental signs of our warning and conditions, in any case, you should check our goals frequently to stay one next to the other recently changes. Unless communicated for the most part, our present security system applies to all information that we have about you and your record. We stay behind the ensures we make, in any case, and will never substantially change our methodologies and practices to make them less guarded of customer information accumulated or customer information posted in the past without the consent of affected site visitors. 

After you select with Ellik Qala, you may occasionally get information Ellik Qala things and organizations by methods for email. You will have the other option to stop these correspondences by clicking Unsubscribe at the base of the email. 

If you have request or stresses over Ellik Qala online game plan or wish to be ousted from any Ellik Qala, please contact at
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